If you’ve found this message you’ve clearly expressed an interest in how our learning community of owner/managers and expert advisors might benefit the great institution of family business.

And if you agree that “People seldom improve themselves when they have no model but themselves,” you’ll be pleased to know that the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley is a resource that can offer you and your business family a method of upgrading your mission, vision, inspiration, understanding, and even the bottom line.

Since our founding in 1994, our membership of business families has reported great success in raising consciousness and skill building, both around the conference table and the dinner table.

There are more conversations, more time taken to plan, think, and even feel about what it takes to create a great place to work, appreciate the “beauty part” of working with relatives, making your business practices into best practices, and facing facts about such loaded topics as love, death, power, and money.

If you believe that “people who face the music might one day lead the band,” then the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley is your special tool.

I invite you to try it; give me a call, or email me, and let’s get you to an upcoming dinner forum as a “trial run.”

Things could be worse, but they could be better, too.

I would love the chance to meet with you and your family business members to discuss how this program can be a great resource for you.

Ira Bryck