Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Jessi Speaks


If we have not met yet, let's change that!

I am proudly the successor to Ira Bryck, who led the FBC since its 1994 founding. We worked together for the last year, and then he passed me the torch, the reins, big clown shoes to fill, and the awesome opportunity to continue to evolve this resource for Western Mass business leaders like you!

I value having "thought partners" in my life, to help me accomplish my goals, and realize my vision. (I'm pleased to say that Ira and I are still that for each other.) The FBC is that kind of place, where you can find your most helpful colleagues, who can help you see things from a different perspective; and you can help them, too.

I hope you will take the miniscule risk of meeting with me, letting me buy you a sandwich (don't worry, I'll have one, too) and take a closer look at how the FBC could be the wisest investment of yourself you've made in a while.

In conclusion, call me! (or email)

Be well,

Jessi Kirley, executive director, FBC