Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley



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I listen to a lot of radio, and a couple of stations do business programing, but your slant is really unique. I like how you are focusing on local! Can't wait till next Saturday’s show! Gooooooo Iraaaaaaa!!!!! Judie Teraspulski, Judie’s Restaurant

Ira Bryck is a clear-eyed interviewer who does his homework, and whose interview style is conversational and lets his subjects open up. Anyone interested in cutting-edge entrepreneurship--especially for family-run businesses--will find value in his radio show and podcasts.
--Shel Horowitz,

FABULOUS! I just listened to your interview with Judie and loved it. You both were excellent, relaxed, engaging and I so enjoyed learning more about Judie and hearing you "on stage".
Congrats, friend. - Janet Kaplan Bucciarelli, PhD Student, Educational Studies

I'm re-listening to our radio interview and am feeling so good. You really bring out the best in me. Thank you so much! I enjoy our interaction and look forward to hearing from others about the impact of our conversation. I hope you are enjoying what you are UMASS and on the radio. You are contributing so much to our community. - Ingrid Bredenberg, Bredenberg & Associates

Wonderful interview with Laura Wright, Ira.  Full of astute questions and engaging answers. Made me wish I had a way of doing business with her. Also, a very intelligent “Hope This Helps” segment. I'm looking forward to more of your shows, Ira. -Carlyn Saltman, Video Feedback Coaching

Thanks for having me on your show, Ira! It came out great! I'm excited to share it with my family and employees. Also, you have an awesome radio voice!- Laura Wright, CSW, Inc

Just listened to Taking Care of Business on the podcast page. It was great, you’re going to be doing that a long time. - Frank Nataloni, Curio Kitchens and Baths

Just listened to your radio show with Judie -- excellent show. What made it such a pleasure was it felt as though I were listening to the two of you talk over a glass of wine in a living room. It was casual and comfortable and engaging, and fun. Well done! - Jayne Pearl, Amherst, Mass

Ira: Great show.  Very interesting interview and a good pick for your first guest.  I don’t know Judie at all, but I will have a different experience eating in her restaurant now that I know more about her history and approach. - Ellen P., Amherst, MA

Just listened to your first episode. Congratulations! For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed listening. The flow of conversation seemed very natural and relaxed, which I think is amazing for a first episode. Your guest is someone people would be happy to hear about. Clearly she loves what she does-even after all these years. Now I want to eat there! Best of luck with this new venture. You are terrific at everything you do!- Kathy G., Florida

As a former obscure radio personality (back in the day) I have to say that I find you to be a very good interviewer, very natural, and a good listener. Keep up the good work. - Grace L., Long Island

I loved the chat-your questions were great-the show had a sincere and homey touch -loved that she mentioned the FamBiz center and also the other merchants in your area. Very interesting and at first I thought it would be boring as I am not into printers, per se, but the show took me in-crazy how packaging is so very important. It would be a great show to listen to while driving-learn while you drive--best wishes for much success. - Karen B., Westboro , Mass

Ira: You have an enviable fluidity, poise, and attentiveness that really make you a natural in this context. The pacing is really good and well sustained. And you make whatever business being described sound really interesting—no small feat. Keep those tonsils oiled. -John S., Greenfield, Mass

I listened to your interview with Izzy the other day. What a wonderful discussion about humor, it's role and function in business. I especially enjoyed how the two of you explored the role of humor when there are serious cancer... as a topic. I know Izzy to be a veritable alchemist when he works with groups...helping broaden and transform perspectives...and providing proven techniques for creativity. - Ingrid Bredenberg, Bredenberg Associates






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