Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

I am Ira Bryck, president of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley. I'm beginning a process of "passing the baton" to the next generation of leadership of this learning organization. We're in search of a high potential successor, who will work with me, learn how to run this center, carrying on a great legacy, but making your own mark. I'd be glad to talk with you more. If you're interested, or just curious, let's talk. If you know someone who fits the description, below, send them this page, or introduce them to me. This is an exciting chance for someone to intelligently, strategically, organically grow into a fabulous career. - Ira Bryck (see instructions and more detail, below)


  • Understand (or desire to learn) the compelling world of family business
  • Hybrid of innovator, maintainer, educator, impresario
  • Invest yourself in the possible path from program assistant to organization president
  • Get butts in seats, and build a community of curious colleagues
  • Lead growth and change, while reporting to a board and responding to a mentor
  • Stay abreast of a body of knowledge that is as old as civilization, and always in flux
  • Believe there is nothing as practical as a good theory, if you can help translate it into practice.
  • Be a person of both letters and numbers; able to write a meaningful essay and understand the meaning of financials with equal literacy
  • Sell the benefits, the value proposition, find joy in the sales dance, understand that rejection only means "not yet"
  • Evolve an organization that has thrived for 24 years, and feeds on fresh ideas

To clarify: This is an opportunity that starts part- time, but for the right person, has a fabulous path to run this organization (this is the inside/fast track; but final hiring needs board approval). We are looking for someone with an MBA, relevant experience, and the right fit for this multifaceted job.

Where are you now? You might be a parent of a child who's about to start school, and you're ready for a meaningful part time job that will grow over a very few years; a recent MBA for whom this is one of a couple of great gigs, but this could take over in approximately 2-3 years; a talented consultant who'd like to run an organization to help businesses, instead of always being in hunt for the next engagement; an entrepreneur or expert advisor, wondering how to best use their abilities in a next chapter.

If you are a good fit for this method, please email Ira Bryck, sending a resume, and cover letter that expounds on one of the above bullet points.We are hoping to build a decent candidate pool, and have some deep exploratory conversations.