Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

OCTOBER 24, 2013 • THURSDAY, 5:00-8:30 PM



Come hear Brian Robertson, founder of Holacracy, at our Thursday, October 24th dinner forum -- and get a sample of what he has to say about how Holacracy might be an answer to your organizational woes

33 agenda items in one hour (video)

Holacracy is a Self Organizing System (video)

It's so true it's a cliché, that what got you into the business you run was probably not the fascination with running a company. It was more likely your powers and abilities to build the product or deliver the service you're involved with – not the day to day governance, filled with people problems, wasted energies, group think, mission creep, and all the slings and arrows while trying to make your outrageous fortune.

Enter Holacracy, a new way of governing an organization. At this dinner forum, you will hear from Brian Robertson, the founder of this method, as he clearly shows how Holacracy can make your organization more agile and purposeful in how power is distributed and decisions are made; how tactical meetings always focus on the next concrete actions to achieve your company’s purpose; how bottlenecks are eliminated through clarifying roles and accountabilities in governance meetings; how people's tensions and perceptions of what is "off" are used as sensors, as on an instrument panel, to stay on course. The net effect is that your company will be more competitive and healthy, and able to grow and adapt in response to shifting external pressures and opportunities.

BRIAN ROBERTSON is a seasoned entrepreneur and organization builder, and a recovering CEO - a job he now helps free others from with Holacracy. Generally regarded as the primary developer of the system, Brian’s work allows leaders to release the reins of personal power and persuasion into a trustworthy and explicit governance process. Brian also serves as the drafter and steward of the Holacracy Constitution, which captures the system's unique "rules of the game" in concrete form. Beyond joyfully crafting legal documents, Brian's creative expression takes many forms – he co-founded HolacracyOne to support Holacracy’s growth, and he fills and loves a broad variety of the company’s roles. He's particularly grateful to hold no fancy titles and wield no special powers, so he can show up as just another partner doing his part to support something he cares about. His work developing Holacracy began as founder and CEO of a leading provider of agile software to emerging technology companies. He’s been interested in programming since he was six years old, and launched his first software-related business when he was twelve.


WELLNESS GAINS STRENGTH Tonight's talk, presented by Lynn Ostrowski, Director of Corporate Relations and Brand for HEALTH NEW ENGLAND, will show you how to plan wellness initiatives now to control future health care costs and keep your program compliant with the new regulations. And to explore growing trends to use biometric premium cost sharing strategies to retain healthy employees. And will clarify Affordable Care Act Wellness Regulations and MA State Wellness Tax Credit for small employers.

LYNN OSTROWSKI earned her BS in Health Fitness, and M.Ed in Health Promotion & Wellness Management from Springfield College and her Ph.D. in Health Psychology from Capella University.  She began her career with the YMCA of Greater Springfield and S.T.A.R.T. Inc. as a Fitness Specialist. Lynn’s experience includes Corporate Health & Fitness Management for major corporations including Digital Equipment Corporation, New England Telephone, Monsanto, and Milton Bradley. She also had her own award winning Cable TV Program, Young At Heart, a fitness program for the senior population.  In 1993 she accepted the Health Promotion Specialist position at HNE and was quickly promoted to Manager of Health Promotion and Disease Management. Lynn created a series of pediatric health story books branded as the HNE Whiz Kidz, several of which are National Health Award winners.  As an advocate for smoke free workplaces, she led the Smoke Free Environment initiative at HNE and assisted several companies in the region to plan and implement Smoke Free Work environments. Today Lynn is the Director of Brand & Corporate Relations at HNE. She co-authored the White Paper entitled My Mother’s Health Plan, Everything I Need to Know About Good Health I Learned From My Mother.  In 2011 Lynn was appointed the Program Coordinator for the Health Services Administration undergraduate degree at the Elms College.

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