Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Warning: Being Tightly Wound is Not Conducive to your Health!

As a manager today, you're likely assuming an overwhelming amount of responsibility. Despite your talents and tendencies that equip you with high energy, competitiveness, decisiveness, proactivity, and the focus to drive productivity and profitability, there's a good chance your mainspring is so tightly wound that you're suffering harmful stress and anxiety.

I hope you'll appreciate a few bullets of advice:

. Back off the accelerator, so others can catch up.
. Be realistic in your expectations.
. Don't be so aggressive that you're always operating in full tilt overdrive.
. Lighten up, take a chill pill, smile once in a while, crack a joke, and enjoy the journey.

So many advise this, but so few act upon it. A wound up mainspring might run a clock efficiently, but too tight means a permanent time out. Pay attention, so your heart doesn't stop running and time won't matter.

In conclusion: Stop and smell the roses, so you're not pushing up daisies!!

By Rick Giombetti of Giombetti Associates, a Corporate Partner of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

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