Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Before the Storm Season……

by Michael Long, Axia Insurance Services

Are you prepared for the upcoming storm season? The experts are predicting up to 6 major hurricanes for the upcoming season. The scientists are concerned that the water temperature in the Atlantic is currently higher this season and this may cause the storms to form earlier in the season. These storms may cause more of a threat to the Eastern Seaboard including New England this year. So far in 2006 New England has seen unprecedented flooding causing millions of dollars of damage. Much of which is not insured. These losses have changed people’s lives forever.

In the Northeast we are subjected to so many different types of peril, that we should all take the time to be prepared. Whether you own your own home or business or even if you rent, we should be reviewing our insurance policies with our insurance professional on a regular basis. As we all know a Major Storm has the ability to knock out utility services in wide areas. Without electricity, heat, clean water, the ability to communicate or fresh food for an extended period of time, what would happen? Will your insurance respond? Will it cover your personal loss and your loss of business revenue? Will it pay you to temporality relocate? If your sump pump fails or sewers and drains back up, will your insurance respond. If you are flooded due to run off, without flood coverage, chances are you are not covered. Without adequate insurance coverage, the perils of a substantial storm season could cause you and your family (or business) extreme financial difficulties.

Here are some things to think about. Make an itemized inventory of your belongings, including costs, purchase dates and serial numbers. You may even consider photographing or using a video camera to record the contents of each room. Just remember, there are endorsements for coverage’s available to you that will keep your family, business or possessions protected properly. For information about Windstorm Coverage or other protective coverage’s contact your agent today.

For more information you can contact one of our representatives at 413-205-2942 or you can email them at AXiA Insurance is an independent Insurance agency representing out clients interest first. Our mission is to provide the best value, rate and service for our clients. In fact “AXiA” is a Greek word that translates to “Merit, Value, Price and Capable”. Remember that your insurance protection and policy must be appropriate before the loss happens, after is too late.

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