Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

where you can get (if approved) 50% of your FBC member fee reimbursed by the state, after your paid up member year is completed

note: you need to apply 6 weeks before the beginning of the training (we go year round, year after year)


Course ID: 1076498

types of individuals taking course: as selected by owners/managers of company, including managerial, 
sales, executives, marketing, supervisory, administration, ownership

Address of Training Program/Course Delivery 1: area banquet facilities & business sites 

City: Hadley     State: MA     Zip Code: 01035 
On-site at employer location: No 
Training Topic: Leadership/Management/Planning/Strategy 
Training Subtopic: Organization Change/Development 
Training Program/Course Capacity: 280 
Year Training Program/Course First Offered: 1994 
New Training Program/Course: -NA- 
Number of Participants in most recent year: 190 
Year: 2011

Training Program/Course Description:  Professional development for owners and managers of family & closely held companies, to improve  management, 
leadership, communication, strategy, innovation, transition, marketing, governance, finance, etc. Globally prominent presenters on provocative and practical topics. 
Also cross learning, cross training among owners and managers of small and medium sized companies from around Western & Central Mass. Specific, measurable gains
 in performance, problem solving, sustainability. Interactive presentations that provides continuous stream of new ideas, questions assumptions, 
promotes out of the box thinking, implementing learning. Diverse student body, where students are execs and owners seeking knowledge and perspective & motivated to share. 

SDA(s): -NA- 
Activity Categories: Other 
Entrepreneurial Training 
 Training Program/Course Details 
Average Number of Hours Per Week: 1 
Average Number of Weeks: 52 
Total Number of Hours: 52 
Credit Hours:  0 
Can Duration Be Customized? Yes 
Is training program/course open entry / open exit? Yes 
Is this training program/course part of regularly scheduled course offerings? Yes 
Online Schedule? Yes 
Training Program/Course Offered in: Morning, Afternoon, Evenings 
Training Program/Courses offered during scheduled semesters or  quarters: -NA- 
Training Program/Course Schedule:  

Start Date 
beginning of any month from today on, for a 12 month term 

Refund Policy: If client dissatisfied (after discussion with center director, to try to make it work), will refund unused pro-rata portion. 
Client agrees to pay pro rata portion, based on how many of the 6 forum events have transpired (ie: if 3 of the 6 have occurred, 
whether or not client attended, client owes 1/2 of the price) 

Type of Result Number Awarded Last Year Degree/Certificate/License/Credential Description: -NA- 

If None of the above, describe: Family businesses approved for WTF can meet with director to create learning objectives to improve productivity, 
communication, leadership, perspective; and keep on track to achieve them. 

Type of Cost Details Amount Included in Tuition Flat Rate 
Tuition $2700 for up to 4 owners/managers/family stakeholders to participate in 6 annual forums; includes meal; 
WTF  reimbursement is $1350 ; paid by $2700 Yes Y 

check or charge (MC/Visa) to Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley (up to 4 timely payments) 
Preferred Payment Schedule: Due upon start of program 
Preferred Vendor: -NA- 
Total Cost to Client: $2700 
Training Program/Course Requirements (if multiple courses are required) 
Training Program/Course Name Duration Credit Hours Total Clock Hours 
 Additional Information 
Has training program/course been funded in last 3 years? No 
If yes, specify agency and years:  -NA- 
List training program/course eligibility and entry requirements:  -NA- 
Does your training program/course offer any internship? No 
If yes, how many hours? 0 
Does your training program/course offer laboratory time? No 
If yes, how many hours? 0 
Financial Aid for which students qualify for: -NA- 
Total Number of training program/course Participants in the Most Recent 
Year:  190 
Year:  2013
Number of Dropouts:  0 
Number of Students Completing The course:  0 
Number of Participants Entering Employment:  0 Training Fund (WTF) (08/23/2013) 

For more information, click here

or to register, call Ira Bryck at (413) 835-0810 or email Ira Bryck           

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