Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

For more information regarding the Workforce Training Fund Express Grant go to , THEN, TO FIND OUR COURSE LISTING, click on "Training Directory" , click on region: Western Mass, and type into "Provider Name" Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley and into "course title" DEVELOPING AS A LEADER OF YOUR FAMILY/CLOSELY HELD COMPANY; then click on the hyperlinked course name, to get more info.

Here is the link to the online application (approx 30 minutes to complete):

You also need to get a Certificate of Good Standing. It's much faster to get this online, instead of a paper application. Here's the link (Mass Tax Connect)

The course name and number do not change from year to year, and companies can reapply and be approved for subsequent years, as each year's syllabus is different. Check with Ira Bryck (413) 835-0810 or to see that the dates of each training year do not overlap! (ie: year 1 ends in September; year 2 begins in October; apply for year 2 at least 6 weeks in advance of October 1)

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PRICING: Reimbursement is 50% of the annual training fee of $2500. The total paid to the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley is $2700, including $200 for food served at the events. Reimbursement is $1,250 at the completion of the annual training events.

The roundtable discussion groups are not covered by this grant.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact: Ira Bryck at (413) 835-0810 or at the Workforce Training Fund, contact Nikisha Brown at or 617-717-6903

PLEASE NOTE THIS VERY IMPORTANT POINT: You need to apply and be approved for this grant BEFORE you begin each training year. If you didn't do this correctly, and are a couple of meetings in, we can work it out, by having you pay pro rata for the part of your member year that has passed (ie: if 2 of the 6 meetings have passed, you can pay 1/3 of the member year, and start a new member year, using the WTF Express Grant, but applying and being approved before you start training). If you didn't apply, and are now looking to be reimbursed at the end of your paid up year, sorry to say there's nothing to be done. You can, however, apply for the grant at the beginning of your next year.